March 28, 2015

CPUnity – Company Profile


CPUnity is an Information Technology consulting firm specializing in providing the highest quality services for Enterprise, Small Business, Home Office and Mobile users.  In an ever-expanding global marketplace filled with technology, it is important to leverage the right tools in an efficient manner in order to stay ahead of the curve.  We have over 15 years of experience in IT Consulting, Management and Support for businesses and individuals in South Florida.  We offer the highest quality remote and on-site services to our clients, with a focus on building long-lasting relationships and creating an excellent customer experience.


Enterprise-Class Services

At the Enterprise level, our company’s main focus is to identify the business requirements of an organization and ensure that their environments meet the essential requirements of functionality, reliability and efficiency. CPUnity works with all Microsoft platforms as well as Citrix and VMware virtualization solutions to provide clients with a stable, always-on environment that requires minimal troubleshooting an can be accessed from virtually anywhere.  We evaluate IT infrastructure to identify risk factors or areas of opportunity, and provide guidance on resolution steps and scalability paths.


Small Business IT Management and Support

For Small Businesses, we provide on-site support within South Florida and remote online support for clients nationwide and overseas.  CPUnity can entirely replace the need for an in-house IT department by covering all the typical needs of a growing organization.  This includes on-call support, new implementations, managing and updating existing infrastructure, application-specific assistance and user training or on-boarding.


Home Office and Mobile Users

Technology follows you wherever you go.  For professionals who have to bring their work home, we also offer services such as secure remote access, self-hosting solutions, advanced home network configurations and other home office setup and support tasks. CPUnity also provides the services and guidance needed in order to make the most out of your personal mobile devices such as phones, tablets and their accessories.
For all your computing needs, at work or at home, CPUnity has the right expertise at your disposal. Our consultants come from all areas of IT. Project Managers, Technicians, Trainers, Support Specialists, among others.  We have a Subject Matter Expert for all of your company’s technical requirements.  The company’s approach focuses heavily on the user experience, implementing technology with a clear awareness of the needs of those who will ultimately use it.